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Accessories - Banana Republic Red and Biege Beige Scarf/Wrap Women Scarf Accessories 8L6BAW1R1



Availability: In Stock

Banana Republic red and beige , 5% wool scarf, beautiful scarf that can be worn dressy or casual. Brand new with tags. Has fringes on both ends and a plaid like design.
As of May 10th 2017, Tradsey has upped their commission from 14.9%, originally 9.0% to now any item selling under 50.00 a straight 7.50 commission rate, this is not inclusive of the 2.9% as a seller I'm to pay in order to take my money out. With the new increase we will all feel the pinch, given shipping recently has increased from 8.50 to 10.50, this is also not inclusive that I use my own shipping supplies, regrettably I've been forced to increase item prices, though I have not asked you, the buyer to absorb the full 7.50. My prices have been adjusted to reflect a fair price, given the brands I offer. Thank you for understanding .. truly regretful in regards to the sales increase. If you are interested in buying multiple items, please contact me, we can work out a deal..
thank you for understanding..


Red and Biege


Banana Republic


65.5"L x 13"W x 75.5"H


Banana Republic red and beige scarf.


Scarves & Wraps

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Banana Republic Scarves & Wraps Banana Republic new with tags Beige& red beautiful scarf

Banana Republic Red and Biege Beige Scarf/Wrap Women Scarf Accessories 8L6BAW1R1

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