Enjoy some pictures from my Birds  book, which covers Cosmology, Geology, Biology, History, Legend, Ecology etc - & God & 'Religion'!

Firstly, the myths of an old universe and earth need to be addressed, huge problems with radioactive dating  exposed, and the rapidity with which rocks formed known. Please send for free articles, like:

Here's what 'Ancient Birds' probably looked like -  birds! 

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[not like the silly evolutionist's reconstruction bottom right], plus a so-called 'Dino-bird' above - probably just a flightless bird like the Emu [top right] it so resembles...

'Peppered Moths &  Peppered Falcons' - The moths are famously said to have  'evolved' darker colours to disguise themselves against the sooty tree-trunks of the Industrial Revolution - but many Life-forms have Dark & Light variations, & none of them are examples of Blind, Random Evolution.

[1] Because the variation is built-in with no new genetic information, just pre-existing genes reshuffled = Design.
[2] They started off as moths and always end up as moths - due to the strict controls against Change built-into Genetics - to ensure dark or light Moths never turn into Monkeys, dark or light Perch into Panthers,  dark or light Peccaries into People! etc
[3] The research into the moths was rather bad science, because the moths rarely ever land on tree-trunks in the day, when they are supposedly being picked off by bird predators - they are nocturnal and spend the day in the tree-tops!
Although the Attenboroughs confidentaly assert that Scales have accidentaly frayed into feathers, [essential to blindly turn Dinosaurs into Doves], they are very different in many, many ways - including the incredible 'photonic crystal structures' that turn white light into bird's  irridescent colours! 
And let alone change lumbering dinos into soaring, singing masterpieces
And we can often investigate Cosmology & Geology with the same precision, and reveal [Biblical] SPEED, YOUTH  & DESIGN in all we see, and will do so here in the near future...
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