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.....& the North Wales Creation Group

I represent a small,  Bible-based Science & Prophecy Group [& Gallery of  Wildlife & Landscape Paintings, Prints & Books], based on Anglesey, North Wales, deeply concerned about the state of the planet & the future of mankind, & all that entails, materially & spiritually.

*So, are we just chemical accidents in a meaningless, god-less universe, heading for eventual meltdown, as the likes of Prof. Dawkins loudly asserts - or has a Creator given us the Key to Life, Past, Present & Future?!

*Dawkins, like 'Darwin's Bulldog', Thomas Huxley, before him, asks: If there is a God, why has he hidden himself from us?

*Well, the BIBLE says that the evidence for Creation & Creator are so self evident - both within us and nature - that we have 'No Excuse' for not believing. Please look at some of my many amateur articles on all aspects of the Creation//Evolution 'debate', on the next page.

For the SCIENTIFIC & PROPHETIC evidence is out there for all to see - unmissable, irrefutable, self-evident - only oft misinterpreted by many scientists & 'experts' in all fields : Evolutionary Cosmology, Biology & Geology, Genetics, Archaeology, History, 'Psychology' etc. - even by many supposed, Bible-believing Christians! Check it out, as the Bible says!

So, until we set up Links etc, please see free PDF Articles, especially of  new Booklets like 

'LIFE - Accident or Design?', 

Or my book,

'The Design & Origin of Birds'

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