Rebuttal of False Accusations!

Rebuttal of so-called 'RATIONAL WIKI's' (RW) attack  on 

Philip Snow: ________________________________

‘RATIONAL WIKI’ ('Evolutionary') statement about Creationist Philip Snow, plus his replies:

RW: ‘Snow has no science education, and his opposition to evolution is based on long-discredited creationist arguments and pretending certain facts don't exist.’

*PSnow reply: Only 'long discredited creationist arguments' by most theoretical evolutionists, not by actual, observable, testable science, which Affirms : e.g The rapidity of most rock formation; The overwhelmingly Catastrophic nature of the Fossils-Rocks; Clear genetic limits to change; Lack of the billions of viable 'linking-transitionals fossils needed for some c20 millions living forms today, etc etc – So which are the other 'facts' I pretend ‘don't exist?!'

RW: ‘He opposes evolution because supposedly [[Charles Darwin]] thought that everything evolved by "blind chance from slime"<ref> "[ Creationist Artist Philip Snow Is Featured on the BBC Website]."  Creation Science Movement.  2010 June 10.</ref> (there is no evidence Darwin ever suggested such a thing), denies that [[speciation]] exists or has been observed, and denies any evidence for [[common descent]].’

*PSnow reply: I oppose Neo-Darwinian-Evolution because of that general [if not specific assumption of old Charley D] that some kind of slime has accidently 'evolved' into people via billions of [99+% deleterious or neutral] genetic mistakes, virtually blindly - allowing the comparatively negligible, reducing input of 'Natural Selection', which is not blind in that sense. But it could never, ever add new info, and that is just one of evolutionism's many huge problems - like the origin of non-evolvable, non-material Information in the first place! That’s why Evolutionists are so desperately theorising about Where-How non-evolvable - because non-material - Genetic Info could have accidently arose, in the first place! I have never denied 'speciation' since a hasty, slightly faulty article I wrote in BBC Wildlife, 10/1995 - as it is one of Creationism’s strong points. But ‘speciation’ is always, and only ever, Built-in Change-Variety within those clear, fixed genetic boundaries, at cGenus /Family level - as the Bible says, things can 'Only breed after their Kind'. [Sadly the odd Bible translation incorrectly replaced the Hebrew 'Bara' [Kind] with 'species' - only a comparatively modern, Linnaean word]. I most certainly deny any actual, real evidence for 'common descent', as in my 'Fossil Fantasy & Fraud' piece on or in the free PDF download 'Choose your Miracle - Random Big Bang or Ordered Creation?', from the same site. Briefly, ‘speciation’ is not ‘Neo-Darwinian Evolution’ for 2 very important reasons – it is Rapid & Built-In, not remotely Blind & Random; & never, ever results in New Genetic Info (none of which applies to Evol claims for so-called ‘Superbugs’ or Trichromatic Vision in apes etc.)

RW: ‘He also believes the [[evidence against a recent creation-earth is about 5000 years old]], that limestone rock is formed by [[God]] in a few hours rather than millions of years by natural processes, and that all organisms were created by God in the same form as they are today (though he seems fine with [[microevolution]]).<ref> "[ Anglesey wildlife artist and creationist Philip Snow]."  ''BBC''.  2010 June 2.</ref> ‘

*PSnow reply: I have never said limestone was formed directly by God, but by Massive, Rapid Catastrophic sedimentary-chemical processes, in a Genesis Global Flood + Post-Flood-Ice-Age Catastrophes - and agree with evolutionary geologist Derek Ager that each typical broken-fossil crammed layer of lime mud took just a few hours to lay - at most. Even taking all the supposed 'hard grounds' or erosional surfaces in the geolly column, amongst the mass of flat, consecutively laid, un-eroded and undisturbed strata, would only add up to few hundred years…..Such observable, Ager-ish Geolly evidence, all around us (especially here in Mass-Catastrophised Pre-Cambrian to Triassic N. Wales), led biologists to summarise something like: 'All the Missing Bio-Links Must have Fallen into All the Missing Geolly Time!' Haha! And this almost completely Missing Fossil ‘Transitionals’ Evidence, for Neo-Darwinian macro-evolution, which even Darwin acknowledged - also drove Gould et al to invent a diametrically opposite and very amusing theory, Punk Equilibrium. Amusing, but not science…..

And as already remarked, I [and virtually no other creationist for many yrs] have also never believed in that old 'Fixity of Species' turkey that old Charley D was mistakenly railing against - because of that old Bible mistranslation of 'Kind'. Ironically, Darwin proved only our Creationist point, with his own many careful experiments and masses of other breeder's records, as recorded in 'Origin' - Built-in variety with clear [although he little knew the mechanics] genetic limits. The Greek Septuagint OT was closest, when it said things only breed after their ‘Type-Genus’.  

Because: Panthers, Peregrines, Peppered Moths, Perch, Pansies, Periwinkles and People, whether large or small, fat or thin, dark or light, striped, spotted or mottled – will only ever breed large or small, fat or thin, dark or light, striped, spotted or mottled – cats, falcons, moths, fish, flowers, shellfish and people. As all breeding ‘experiments’, wild or domestic, show – and breeder Darwin (+ his many 100’s of other’s records), knew well…..In fact, ironically, that’s the only thing ‘Origin’ actually proved!

You may rant and rail all you like, and misrepresent us, but you are never, ever going to convince me or many other true Bible-believers, that a Random Big Bang in Nothing Much has eventually, occidentally, turned Hydrogen into people!! Hilarious that may be, but ‘Rational’, it will